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Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing Operations
The Municipality of Central Huron’s winter maintenance fleet of snow removal equipment and salt/sand spreaders clear major roads and collector routes first according to a priority route system. The Municipality tries to have all roads cleared within 24 hours after the end of a winter storm; however, heavy snowfalls or successive storms can extend this. When snowfall is less than eight centimetres or three inches, major roads and collector roads are salted, and residential streets are sanded as required. For heavier snowfalls, roads are first plowed and then sanded or salted.

You can help with our snow removal by clearing snow and ice from your sidewalks as soon as possible after a snowfall to ensure that they are safe for all residents. When snowfall is less than eight centimetres or three inches, sidewalks that access hospitals, schools and high traffic business areas are sanded first by winter maintenance crews.

Don’t forget to remove parked cars from the street during plowing or clearing operations. Parked cars make plowing difficult and sometimes impossible. With your help, winter maintenance crews can plow snow faster and more efficiently and you will reduce the chances of having to dig your car out of a snow drift.

Snowplows have no place to push snow except to the curb or shoulder of the road. Sometimes this happens just after you have finished shoveling. We appreciate this can be frustrating; however, we ask your cooperation in clearing this snow without placing it on the roadway. The Municipality is not responsible for damage to plants, driveway curbs or other items that have been placed within three feet of the sidewalk or roadway. Damage to Municipal owned trees, sod and pavement will be repaired in the spring.

Because mailboxes are placed on the road allowance in order for the contractor to reach them from a vehicle, they sometimes are damaged by the snowplow during inclement weather. Since they are allowed to be placed on the road allowance, the Municipal policy is not to replace them should they be damaged during normal operations.

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