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Lottery and Taxi Licences

Taxicab Owners and Drivers
A licence for a taxi owner is $50.00 per cab and $25.00 for a drivers licence. The owners, vehicles and the drivers must meet certain requirements as set out by Council. Failure to do so may revoke/prohibit a licence or incur a fine or both.

Lottery Licencing
Raffle, Bingo, Break open ticket Applicants
The Lottery Licencing Officer will determine that the group is eligible to conduct lotteries. The Licence fee is 3% of the total prize value.

An organization must have been in existence for at least one complete year prior to being considered eligible for a lottery licence. If you are making application for the first time you will be required to present the following: 

  • Licence Fee 
  • All licencing is subject to the terms and conditions as set out by the OLGC. 
  • A copy of the organization’s constitution 
  • A list of Board of Directors 
  • Proposed budget for the lottery funds 
  • Membership list 
  • You must have a lottery trust account with two signing officers of the charity with cheque signing privileges and monthly bank statements.

Hawkers and Pedlars

A Hawker and Peddler is a person who goes from place to place or to a particular place with goods, wares or merchandise for sale. By-Law 12-02 presently sets a licence at $100.00 for a single event up to a maximum of seven consecutive days or $300.00 annually. Anyone who fails to obey the regulations of this by-law including failing to obtain a licence is subject to a penalty not exceeding the maximum penalty recoverable under the Provincial Offences Act.

For more information go to www.agco.on.ca

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