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Education Programs

Public Education Programs:
The Fire Chief will make available to the public, literature and pamphlets pertaining to fire safety. Clinton station will have an open house annually (usually during fire prevention week) and groups may request tours of the fire stations, which will be granted as schedules permit. The Fire Chief will be available to go into schools, nursing homes, businesses etc. to talk about fire safety.

Smoke Alarm Program:
A supply of smoke alarms and batteries will be carried on response vehicles. If, as a result of a fire alarm or any other activity, it is discovered that a smoke alarm is not present or is in need of a battery, steps will be taken to remedy the situation. This may involve providing the occupant with a smoke alarm or battery. Distribution of pamphlets and other educational material will be done throughout the year to residents.

A community smoke alarm survey will be carried out periodically. This survey could be in the form of a paper survey or an actual door-to-door visit.

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