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A municipal drain is a drainage system and is created under the authority of the Drainage Act. There are 3 key elements of a municipal drain:

  1. Community Project 
  2. Legal Existence 
  3. Municipal Infrastructure

The Corporation of the Municipality of South Huron is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of all municipal drain infrastructures within the Municipal limits.  The Drainage Act provides a procedure for landowners to overcome the obstacles of "Common Law" and to obtain solutions to their drainage problems.  The Act sets out the procedures to be followed for maintenance, repair, and improvement of all current municipal drain under By-Laws passed by Council or new drains constructed under the Act.

Drain Information
Section 74 of the Drainage Act requires a Municipality to maintain any drain constructed under the Drainage Act or any predecessor of the Act at the expense of the upstream lands and roads as set out in the last applicable By-Law.  Drain maintenance is by request only from any road authority or landowner within the watershed limits of the drain.  Request forms are available by contacting the Road Superintendent or the Clerk's Office.  Maintenance work is eligible for agricultural grants to those properties listed in MPAC with the Farm Property Class Tax Rate.

For information about Municipal Drains, please refer to:  Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs.

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