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NOTICE: The Chief Building Official will be out of office October 7-11, 2013 for the Ontario Building Officials Conference. No inspections or plans review will be available during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Will I need a building permit to install a PV Solar Panel System?
Yes, a building permit is required. Under the Ontario Building Code, building permits are required for the construction and renovation of buildings. Building Code enforcement and permit issuance are local responsibilities. Under the Building Code, solar PV panels measuring 5 meters square or more are considered "designated structures". Designated structures require a building permit.

Does the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) need to do an inspection?
All new wiring or wiring alterations to your home, including the installation of solar PV panels, require an inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority. This inspection is also a requirement for connecting to your local utility grid (as an Embedded Generation Facility). Contact CANADIAN SOLAR SOLUTIONS to learn more.

When is a Building Permit Needed for Solar Panels?
OBC A building permit is required for any solar collector that is mounted on a building and has an aggregate face area equal to or greater than 5 sq m.

Permit Requirements for Solar Panels mounted on ANY building

  1. Engineer design to confirm the structural adequacy of the building (ie trusses).

  2. Engineer design for the solar panel unit and how it is mounted to the building.

  3. Final Engineer Report to confirm connection as per the design submitted for permit

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