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Animal Services

Animal Control Officer Bob Trick (519)525-7402


Animal Control ensures a safe and healthy environment for both our residents and animals in our Municipality. Our Animal Control Officer provides animal control services to the Municipality of Central Huron enforcing the Municipality's Animal Control Bylaw.

Dog Licensing 
The Municipality of Central huron requires that all dogs be licensed. The license tag must remain attached to the dog at all times.  Licenses can be obtained in person at the Municipal Office, 23 Albert Street, Clinton or by contacting the Municipal Office (519)482-3997.

Remember, a properly registered and licensed dog can easily be identified and returned to its owner if it is hurt or lost! 

The Bylaw clearly states that an owner is responisble and liable for the actions of their dog. While on its home ground or under competent control, a dog is not likely to bite a neighbour's child, attack other pets or foul private or public property. It runs little risk of being bitten by a wild rabid animal and becoming a potential danger itself. 

Dogs with no homes or dogs that occasionally stray are considered dogs-at-large and cause most of the problems in our attempts to protect people and property. 

No dog shall be allowed to run at large or trespass on private property even when on a leash. Any dog running at large may be taken by the Animal Control Officer to the local pound. Any person owning a dog is responsible for cleaning up after it. 

Dog License Fees:

a) for each spayed or neutered dog $20.00
b) for each male or female dog (not spayed or neutered) $30.00
c) Staffordshire/Pit Bull $205.00
d) Kennel License $105.00
e) Replacement License $10.00
f) Late Penalty $20.00
Any person who fails to renew a dog license on or before the 31st
day of March shall be subject to a penalty 

Stoop and Scoop

Dog owners (and walkers) are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Our neighbourhoods are for the use and enjoyment of all residents. Please carry a scoop and bag when with your dog off your property, and help keep our Municipality clean. 

Pit Bull Laws

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